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Natural Birth; Natural Death

I am a physician and environmentalist who participates in all aspects of mortality. The impermanence of life informs my care of people and our planet. Death is coming; death is natural. Birth should likewise be seen as a natural process, an inevitable construct of our species. I support physiologic birth, and I honor physiologic death. I am a naturalist, and I feel that healing our society - spiritually and physically - starts with accommodating rather than replacing the homeostatic tools that have permitted our planet and species to thrive together for the relatively short period of human existence. Kindness also helps. I am also a feminist, and my support of birth is informed by my admiration for the healing powers of the feminine, a position for which I am thankful to the many strong women in my life. 

Memento mori; amplexati sunt nativitatis. The cycle continues. 





January 24, 2020

Birth: the Greatest Opportunity For a Guy to Be a Man